Friday, 3 October 2014

Profitable trip to Telford

The A team chalked up its second win with a 5-0 victory over Telford C. To be fair, we did outgrade our opponents on all the boards but it was satisfying to get a clean sweep and you never know if it might come in handy for points' difference at the end of the season.

Trevor started the ball rolling with a comfortable win and was followed by Eric who had won a piece early on. David had what looked like an overwhelming attack on a strangled king position and finished it off neatly. This left just Karl and Steve who managed to grind their opponents down in the end.

A good start, but no time for complacency as there are some tough matches to come with several teams that will provide strong opposition.

Telford C 0 Church Stretton A 5
R Szwajkun 0, T Brotherton 1
T Skidmore 0, S Rooney 1
A Jones 0, K Wakefield 1
R Roberts 0, D Hodge 1
B Malone 0, E Elwell 1

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