Monday, 28 September 2009

Season gets underway for Church Stretton

With just one team being fielded by the club this season, the first match ended in a narrow defeat away at Coddon B.

On board two, Gerald Link looked to have an advantage but his 17 year old opponent Nathanael Paul managed to hold him off for the draw. Chris Pimm Jones lost a vital couple of pawns to Alan Shaw on board five and eventually lost. Then another of Coddon's juniors, Peter Mellor held off an attack from Church Stretton board 3 Adrian Thorpe to clinch a draw leaving the two Rooneys to finish.

Francis Rooney, on board four, had fended off a strong king side attack from his opponent and managed to get to an endgame with a couple of pawns for a piece, but his open king position eventually led to the loss of another piece and he promptly resigned. On board one Steve Rooney felt a little guilty about keeping the team there while he ground out a win against Shropshire league newcomer Marvin Carbin. Rooney had a positional advantage from early in the game and after a lengthy battle managed to convert this into a two-pawn advantage and then with a further piece about to fall his opponent resigned.

The Church Stretton club would be delighted to welcome new members who live in the area and who want to play either league or casual chess. The club meets on Thursdays at the town's District Club in Essex Road, for more information call Steve Rooney on 01694 723724.

Coddon B v Church Stretton
M Carbin 0-1 Steve Rooney
N Paul 0.5-0.5 G Link
P Mellor 0.5-0.5 A Thorpe
G Viszokai 1-0 F Rooney
A Shaw 1-0 C Pimm Jones

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