Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Tough start for A team

Condover & Church Stretton A team are pitted against three of the leading sides in Division 1 in the first matches of the season. The opening encounter against Shrewsbury ended in a 4-1 defeat, although during the evening, it didn't look as if it would end up that one-sided.

The first match to finish was the (very) brief draw between Trevor Brotherton and Jamie Hopkins on board one, followed quite a while later by a draw on board two between Steve Rooney and Francis Best.

Michael's Bukojemski's position on board three looked pretty dangerous from early on with a brutal kingside attack from Ed Goodwin. Michael always seemed to be one move away from being able to launch a counter offensive on the queen's side and eventually he simply lost too much material to continue. Meanwhile Graham Shepherd had put up stiff resistance against David Everington and with rook and three pawns against rook and two, it looked difficult to see a win. But a slip-up in the latter stages saw another pawn disappear and David moved in steadily for the kill.

The final game to finish was Eric Elwell against Peter Kitchen on board five. Peter was a piece up, but to be honest it was a pretty useless piece, marooned behind a phalanx of pawns. He took it to the wire on the new digital clocks and very nearly let Eric swindle something but eventually it was Eric's time which ran out. (I suppose we can't talk about flags falling ith digital clocks?)

Next match is Telepost A on 23 September.

Condover & Church Stretton A 1-4 Shrewsbury 
1. Trevor Brotherton 0.5-0.5 Jamie Hopkins
2. Steve Rooney 0.5-0.5 Francis Best
3. Michael Bukojemski 0-1 Ed Goodwin
4. Graham Shepherd 0-1 David Everington
5. Eric Elwell 0-1 Peter Kitchen

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