Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Solid draw against league leaders

The A team finished all-square with Wellington who have taken an early lead in the division  table.

Steve Rooney drew quickly on board two followed by Eric on five and then a smart combination saw Karl take a point on his first match for a couple of seasons. Trevor was in some difficulty from ealry in his game. He took a long think trying to avoid going into a lost ending but then couldn't find a better continuation and his position gradually got worse and then resignable. Ironically in the post-mortem, Trevor discovered that his opponent may not have gone into the ending in the way he envisaged! Graham then finished with a draw to give a level match.

Condover & Church Stretton A 2.5-2.5 Wellington A
T Brotherton 0 T Neal 1
S Rooney 0.5 C Roberts 0.5
G Shepherd 0.5 J Kucyznski 0.5
K Wakefield 1 S Tennant 0
E elwell 0.5 J Lenton 0.5

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