Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Starting with a win

Our first match in Division two saw a 3.5-1.5 victory for the A team away at Telepost B.

Firstly we should wish a warm welcome to David Hodge who played his first game for us, and his first competitive match for a number of years. He started off with a fine win having emerged a piece up early on and calmly converting the point. Karl drew with John Westhead after what looked like a slight advantage disappeared in the rook and pawn ending, and Francis saw an opportunity to swap in to a won ending a pawn up with his knight being far better than the opposing bishop. Francis' win took us to 2.5 points.

Steve eventually lost after battling for half the game having mis-read some tactics and being basically outplayed. Trevor was last to finish in another ending with knight v bishop where the knight was better. Keith was probably dazzled by the knight hopping all over the board in the emerging time scramble and slipped up to let Trevor's king in behind the pawns and it was all over. A decent result, particularly given the fact that half way through there was little advantage showing for our players.

Telepost B 1.5 Church Stretton A 3.5
K Tabner 0, T Brotherton 1
A Benjamin 1, S Rooney 0
J Westhead 0.5, K Wakefield 0.5
K Walker 0, D Hodge 1
V Crean 0, F Rooney1

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