Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A team crash at Oswestry

Oswestry A's renewed strength this season proved too much for visitors Church Stretton A last night. The match ended 4-1 to Oswestry although the games were a bit closer than the scoreline indicated.

16-year old Ieuan Fenton kept up his good form with a win over Graham Shepherd on board three after losing an exchange in what turned out to be a very good sacrifice giving him a strong attack on the king's side. John Whittaker on board four resigned his game thinking he was going to lose a rook, although afterwards he realised that the position was about even. It is ironic that this was almost a carbon copy of an game earlier this season when Graham Shepherd resigned in similar cirumstances when John Whittaker was on the fortunate receiving end playing in the Church Stretton-Ludlow match in division two.

Oswestry went further ahead when Gerald Link finally succumbed to Simon Hughes' queen side pressure which resulted from a Benko Gambit. And Tom Williamson lost on time in a position that was roughly even. Church Stretton's only point came from the final game when Steve Rooney converted an extra passed pawn into a win against Richard Evans.

Oswestry A 4-1 Church Stretton A
S Hughes 1-0 Gerald Link
R Evans 0-1 S Rooney
I Fenton 1-0 G Shepherd
A Peile 1-0 J Whittaker
G Hampson 1-0 T Williamson

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