Sunday, 30 November 2008

B team defeat table-topping Wellington

Despite a last minute switch round of the team because of two missing players, Church Stretton B managed to beat Wellington A who are currently top of division two and had won all four of their previous matches.

Captain Tom Williamson was originally going to sit out the home match but had to step in on board three when two of his team didn't manage to get to the club. Wellington had already come a player short and the late switch of Stretton players meant that it ended up as a four board match. Eric Elwell was first to finish with a draw on board two, a pawn up but not enough to force the full point. Tom Wiliamson lost his game after his opponent broke through in the centre, but then Francis Rooney who was ahead on material from an early stage calmly finished off his opponent to win on board four levelling the match. This left David Williams on board one trying to hold out against Wellington captain Toby Neal's ferocious sacrificial attack. In the end Toby ended up too short of both time and material and David held his nerve to win the game, securing a win for the home club.

Church Stretton B 2.5-1.5 Wellington A
David Williams 1-0 Toby Neal
Eric Elwell 0.5-0.5 Neil Sampson
Tom Williamson 0-1 John Lenton
Francis Rooney 1-0 B Ives

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