Monday, 24 November 2008

A team lose out against Newport

Church Stretton A lost another close match last week. Visitors Newport A have lost several players to university in recent seasons and were yet to get any points in division 1 before the game. Top county player Nick Rutter on board one overcame Church Stretton's Karl Wakefield to put Newport in the lead. This was followed by a win for Church Stretton's Eric Elwell on board five against Sellick Davies and then Graham Shepherd lost to Alex Taylor on board 3. This left Newport 2-1 ahead and the final two boards were drawn with neither Steve Rooney on board two or John Whittaker on board three able to conjure up a win.

Church Stretton A 2-3 Newport A
K Wakefield 0, N Rutter 1;
S Rooney 0.5, A Holdford 0.5;
G Shepherd 0, A Taylor 1;
J Whittaker 0.5, D Griffiths 0.5;
E Elwell 1, S Davies 0.

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