Monday, 10 November 2008

A team lose out to Shrewsbury

Following a default in the last match when it was not possible to field a full side, the A team lost a tough battle against Shrewsbury in a match. The result didn't reflect the tightness of the match. The home team points came from Karl Wakefield who got a well deserved draw against Shrewsbury top board Philip Makepeace and Steve Rooney won a sharp encounter with Francis Best.

Church Stretton A 1.5-3.5 Shrewsbury A
K Wakefield 0.5, P Makepeace 0.5;
G Link 0, D Everington 1;
S Rooney 1, F Best 0;
J Whittaker 0, Kitchen 1;
D Williams 0, R Cox 1.

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