Monday, 26 October 2009

Another league win for Church Stretton

Church Stretton's second successive win in division 2 cam against Shrewsbury B last Friday.

The match got off to a good start with Steve Rooney's 14-move win against Mark Smith on board one. Chris Pimm Jones got a good draw against Ivor Salter on board five and then boards four went to Shrewsbury and three to Church Stretton's Graham Shepherd.

The final game to finish was Gerald Link's clash on board two against Norman O Connor. The Stretton palyer looked comfortable and was ahead on the clock but overlooked a tactic and lost queen for rook but with just minutes left Norman O Connor decided to play safe and take a draw by repeated checks rather than risk a time scramble.

Shrewsbury B v Church Stretton 2 - 3

M Smith 0, S Rooney 1;
N O Connor 0.5, G Link 0.5;
A Lewis 0, G Shepherd 1;
D Lockett 1, A Thorpe 0;
I Salter 0.5, C Pimm Jones 0.5.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

First home match of season brings a win

Church Stretton's first home match resulted in a 4-1 win against neighbours Ludlow.

The visitors only had four players so Francis Rooney chalked up a default on board five straight away. This was followed in just a few minutes by Gerald Link who won in just a dozen moves following his opponent's blunder in the opening. Karl Wakefield on board two was well ahead for most of his game but threw away a knight in the ending and had to hold on for a draw. With the match looking secure, Graham Shepherd agreed a draw in his opposite bishop's ending, leaving Steve Rooney to grind out a win on board one.

Church Stretton 4-1 Ludlow
Steve Rooney 1, B Nickson 0
Karl Wakefield 0.5, R Woodley 0.5
Gerald Link 1, R Tapley 0
Graham Shepherd 0.5, AD Wright 0.5
Francis Rooney 1, Default 0.